takes an intermission

THE LATEST update from the artweek team

May 28, 2020

As the global pandemic continues to create uncertainty and upheaval, we have made the difficult decision to take an intermission for ArtWeek 2021 as the Center re-evaluates its strategic priorities amid new realities, and as funders and supporters explore how best to support both the people and organizations in our communities that have been most deeply impacted by this crisis.

Since 2013, the launch and growth of ArtWeek has been a rare opportunity to create a platform of affordable and accessible cultural opportunities for all across the creative Commonwealth. Over six years, it has grown from less than 30 events in Greater Boston to a statewide festival with almost 800 events in 170 communities across the state.  With mostly free events, it has opened the doors for tens of thousands of children, families, residents, and visitors to explore their creative side and to discover the invaluable contributions offered by our creative communities.

A special thanks goes out to the Highland Street Foundation, who has shared our commitment of Art for All from the beginning.  The support of the Massachusetts Cultural Council and Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism has been invaluable as our Lead Champions in fostering new collaborations between cultural districts, regional tourism councils, and creative communities of all kinds.  We are also indebted to the extensive contributions of our many media sponsors who made sure that ArtWeek events and partners were always center stage each spring, as well as the countless other financial and in-kind sponsors whose support made ArtWeek a reality.  And of course, ArtWeek simply couldn’t have happened without the tireless work and passionate commitment of hundreds of event hosts and community partners each year. 

The Boch Center is proud that ArtWeek  and ArtWeekAtHome was able to become a statewide spotlight on how important arts, culture, and creativity truly are to our everyday lives and we are confident that the ArtWeek spirit will continue to thrive no matter what, offering hope, joy, and creative comfort to everyone across the state.  As we reimagine what the creative future holds, we want to thank you and the hundreds of creative communities across the Commonwealth for making ArtWeek always shine so brightly.  Be safe – and always keep being creative.

The Boch Center ArtWeek team