Current Season: April 26 - May 5, 2019

Boston is home to many iconic landmarks. Come visit the most essential tourist spots during ArtWeek and catch these events!

Newbury Street

Newbury Street, known primarily as a spot for shopping and dining, hides surprising depths in its history. If you’ve always wanted to get a closer look at the street’s galleries or if you’ve ever wondered how this district has cultivated such a distinct aesthetic, the Newbury Street League has you covered. Join this free tour that focuses on the art and architecture of the area and get to know the street like never before.

Boston Public Market

Find some order in the ever-busy farmer’s market that’s come to be a favorite of the city. Artist Nefertiti of Etnia Fusion will instruct guests in the art of Furoshiki, a method of gift wrapping originally from Japan. One square of fabric has infinite uses in packing anything you bring with you. Enjoy your Sunday morning shopping, then wrap up your trip in one neat package.

The Greenway

The Greenway provides several oases in between Boston’s commercial areas. The Armenian Heritage Park is one of those relaxing spots of green you might stumble across and want to see again. On World Labyrinth Day, the park will host a walk of the path that winds through the site. You will also have a chance to witness the reconfiguration of the abstract sculpture that resides next to the labyrinth. This event will culminate in a celebration of immigrant experiences, a great way to appreciate the cultural history of this public art space.

The Boston Common

Surround yourself with both nature and creativity for a couple hours with NECY. The word of the day is “positivity” when you’re with this artist, and this clay pot craft offering will reinforce that sentiment. The Common, Boston’s favorite meeting grounds, provides the perfect setting to work on this project with a friend or to meet new people. Come catch a little sun on your face and spread some good will through art!

Omni Parker House

This gem, set in the heart of the city, has a rich cultural background unknown to even many residents of Boston. Over the years, it has served as a home base for writers, theorists, and philosophers. It still stands as a fully operational hotel, but you have the chance to walk its halls without checking in with this exclusive tour from Boston’s Literary District. Immerse yourself in some international history and hear the stories of the luminaries who once stayed at this monument.

State Library of Massachusetts

The Special Collections Department, tucked away in the State House, might not be part of the usual sight-seeing route for most people. With ArtWeek, get an exclusive look at these collections and comb the State Library’s archives for snapshots of history. Guests will see vintage pin cushion postcards portraying the famous golden dome of the State House and have a chance to create their own.

Eustis Estate

To go further off the beaten path, and a little bit off the grid, make plans to visit this historic mansion. Historic New England invites you to immerse yourself in all the flora and fauna the Eustis grounds have to offer. There’s plenty to explore on the sprawling property, and the turn of spring will ensure your experience is at its peak. Join a birding walk around the grounds and tour the estate when you’re done. Guests are encouraged to bring along sketch books, cameras, and binoculars. You won’t want to miss a single detail when you’re out here.

Prudential Center

Finish the week up at our city’s trademark skyscraper for some public art provided by Unbound Visual Arts. Along the Huntington Arcade, an art expo will provide ways for passers-by to get involved in an ongoing show. Meanwhile, the Boston Minstrels will be holding sing-alongs to make your visit more musical. Take it all in and enjoy the sights- Boston is coming alive for the arts this year!

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