Current Season: April 26 - May 5, 2019

Visit the art and history museums in some of the area’s best-known towns for these events. Each one promises a new way to take in the experience. Make sure to catch as many as you can!

Marblehead Museum

See the works of Samuel Chamberlain in this new exhibit and try to emulate his style. Chamberlain, native of New England, drew inspiration from scenes of provincial Europe as he painted. You now have a chance to channel those influences from the collections housed right on our bay.

Cape Ann Museum

For spring, enjoy a guided tour with a floral theme. The art hanging on the walls is reflected in sophisticated arrangements placed throughout the museum. There will be plenty to see throughout the week in the heart of Gloucester. The museum is also offering a morning of yoga in the middle of one of their galleries to start off the week. Enjoy the art, the history, and the natural influence present in one of Massachusetts’s most picturesque seaside towns.

Peabody Essex Museum

This museum in Salem offers a wide variety of compelling exhibits throughout the year. For ArtWeek, take time during your visit for a quick project. Valerie Jaros, local artist, will hold an ongoing workshop on making her mandala stones. In between hours of being surrounded by art, this collaborative space is a chance to create a piece of art you can take home.

House of the Seven Gables

While in Salem, make sure you don’t miss out on the House of the Seven Gables, a landmark nearly as old as the town itself. The House is hosting a meetup for amateur photographers– grab a space in this exclusive tour and bring your phone. You will have the chance to move through rooms normally untouched by visitors and find the most postable snapshots for social media.

The Old Manse

Trek out to Concord Battleground for an unusual approach to the Old Manse. Even those familiar with the Manse can discover new secrets in its nooks and crannies with this close look. Take the chance to reflect on the lives of the people who lived here once and their relationship to the space. Come away with a deeper appreciation for this long-standing house and its architecture.

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