Next Season: April 26 - May 5, 2019

Music that Makes You Dance, Music that Makes You Think

Music… bizarre music, energetic music, whimsical beats with lots of energy will all be a part of that Sunday night on May 4.

What to expect? Everything but the expected…

One of the pieces for example started as a plain mistake… The composer left his recording kit on while he was tuning 72 strings of a Santoor – a Persian hammered dulcimer (which in essence is a wooden trapeze with strings going across its body)…. and since composers delight in creating something out of nothing, on discovering that the tuning was recorded, Igor proceeded to extract little interesting snippets of sounds out of that material… These snippets multiplied and multiplied and as a result a whole song accompanied by those quirky sounds emerged….

We all love to dance salsa and cha-cha…. and this music is so irresistible…. so wonderfully rhythmical and refreshing that one cannot help but be influenced by it… So? Yes, Igor actually mentioned that dancing this music made him a better composer, that from there he learned how with little means one can achieve a lot…. As a result the wonderful musicians of Amber Flute Quartet had a cha-cha in disguise written for them…. and at times rehearsing that was frustrating (see the picture)…

Oh, and yes… Have you ever spent time staring at a one dollar bill? It has a fascinating story to tell you – there is so much of wonderfully mysterious symbols on it – masonic pyramid with the eye of the beholder, eagle with arrows etc. etc. But have you ever wondered about the number of bricks in the pyramid and its meaning… hmm… all that waits to be elaborated on… The string quartet “One Dollar Mandala” draws inspiration from that one dollar bill – details in the program notes for the piece… read if interested….

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