Celebrating Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month! If you’re looking for new ways to celebrate, ArtWeek has got you covered. Hosts across the state are planning events to close out this month with these immersive poetry readings, workshops, and more.

Florence Poetry Carnival

Launching this year, these festivities are sure to become an annual tradition for the city of Florence. The day will feature interactive activities for poetry enthusiasts, and you will have the opportunity to see the title of Florence Poet Laureate passed on to a new honoree. 

Afro-Caribbean Museum Open Mic

Head to Dorchester to visit this museum and catch an evening of performances from Boston-based talent. Live music will set the mood for the slam while a producer mixes the night into a whole new piece. For those who want to get even closer to the action, this open mic will provide the chance to get on stage and join in.

Spoken Word with Kofi Dadzie, Youth Slam, Open Mic

If spoken word appeals to you, don’t miss this event. The lineup, made up of accomplished young poets, features Brave New Voices competitor Kofi Dadzie. Amateurs are invited to participate here as well. Come for the perspective of a new generation and enjoy this showcase of skill.

Dickinson vs. Whitman, the Poetry Knockout!

To witness some literary greats go to battle, make your way to Marion Art Center for a couple rounds of verbal fisticuffs. These two influential writers with roots in New England will go head to head and allow the audience to decide whose legacy reigns supreme. You’ll observe these legacies in action when the bout is followed up by readings from Marion poets.

The Mosaic that is Gloucester: Gloucester Writer’s Center

Gloucester has been home to several poets of note. The city has been home to the likes of Charles Olson, Vincent Ferinni, Gerrit Lansing, and T.S. Eliot. The Writer’s Center is teaming up with The Maud/Olsen Library to explore these writers’ stories. A selection of their works will be shared, followed by discussion.

Arts & Humanity: Poetry Month

Here’s another great chance to read your work to others for the first time. The Old Colony History Museum will be celebrating poetry by inviting guests to share their poems with an audience in a welcoming environment that’s open to all. If you choose to read, feel at ease as you speak to visitors. If you listen, come with an open mind and take in poems from writers of all ages.

First — Poets — Then the Sun — A Writer’s Workshop

Do you wish you wrote great poetry but struggle to start? What better place to find inspiration than the homestead where a great poet spent most of her life? This event is truly a rare opportunity you won’t want to pass up. All who write poetry are invited to take part in this workshop held at the Emily Dickinson Museum. After touring the space, hone your craft while surrounded by the possessions Dickinson left behind.

Written by Mateo Caballero. Read more blog posts here.

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