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Art Making with Jon Sarkin

May 5, 2016 at 5:30 pm8:00 pm

Open Door Gallery 89 South Street Boston, MA 02111 United States

Spend an evening with Jon Sarkin: a prolific, even compulsive, artist who creates elaborate drawings and paintings cluttered with words and images. Sarkin, a chiropractor in his former career, adapted to a life-altering brain injury, from which he emerged a different man, by pouring his ceaseless fountain of creativity onto canvases. In the aftermath and recovery from his medical trauma, Sarkin believes he is privy to an unspoken understanding that almost universally emerges after some type of health crises or near-death experience. “Because of that, you come back with insights,” he said. “I think I can expand people’s definition for what it is to be alive,” Sarkin said. “If I’m doing what I’m doing, it’s my responsibility as a human being to tell people ‘Hey, you can widen your horizons.’ There is a lot more to life than brushing your teeth and paying bills.”

Participants can try their hand at letting their own creativity flow onto paper.  Keep what you create or add it to the exhibition in the Open Door Gallery, April 29th through August 15th.


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