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Boston Flow – Principles of Traditional Staff Spinning

May 6, 2016 at 5:00 pm6:30 pm

Magazine Beach 668 Memorial Drive Cambridge, MA 02139 United States

Join Boston Flow, Boston’s most inclusive spinning arts community, for a variety of workshops during ArtWeek Boston! This year we invite you to meet up with us around the city to learn how to dance with different flow props such as hula hoops, poi, and staff. Now you can finally learn how to impress your friends at the next festival you go to, or just pick up some new skills to practice and grow with! Prop manipulation can be a wonderful and therapeutic workout, especially because it is so easy and fun to pick up. We at Boston Flow can get you started on your spinning performance arts journey! Buy tickets for the event using the link below, or pay cash the day-of the workshop!

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This workshop will focus on developing rudimentary staff spinning skills — within the grasp of attendees of any level — which we will then integrate and apply on broader levels as the workshop progresses. Instead of merely learning a few specific moves and tricks, attendees will leave with a comprehensive knowledge of the principles of traditional staff spinning which will make learning any move as easy as using a walking stick. Come enjoy the sunset, cool summer air, even cooler music and learn an even cooler skills at this coolest of cool performance art workshops! Please bring a staff or any staff-like object 4’-6’ in length with equal weight distribution (pole part of a broomstick, tension/curtain rod, a strangely perfect long stick you found on the ground, etc). Staffs will not be provided.

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Jaska Isola studies electronic music production and sound design at Berklee College of Music and practices traditional staff spinning. His initial interest in staff spinning was inspired by the character Darth Maul in the movie Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Throughout his youth, he couldn’t imagine any object cooler than a lightsaber, and as they go, double sided lightsabers are even cooler! It wasn’t until the summer of 2013 when he discovered that other people spin staff. Since then, he has taken it upon himself to master this art at whatever pace can be managed alongside his academic and musical pursuits. He is excited to see what he can pass on to others!

Other Workshops Offered by Boston Flow during ArtWeek include:

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