Holiday Celebrations During ArtWeek

Holiday Celebrations During ArtWeek

January 16, 2020

While we all know that the most fun thing you could be celebrating each Spring is ArtWeek, it turns out there are several great holidays happening at the same time! This year, the Kentucky Derby Day, Cinco de Mayo, “May the Fourth Be With You,” Children’s Book Week, and of course, Mother’s Day all happen during ArtWeek. Additionally, the month of May is recognized as Asian-Pacific Heritage Month, Jewish American Heritage Month, Mental Health Month, National Historic Preservation Month, and Older Americans Month. And of course, don’t forget 2020 is a big year for Women’s Suffrage 100, Plymouth 400, and the 30th Anniversary of the Americans for Disabilities Act. 

Are you interested in participating in ArtWeek, but unsure of a theme to build your event around? Or just looking for a fun excuse to add something timely and unexpected to your programming? Over the years, we’ve noticed some ArtWeek event hosts or special program partners have tapped into these special holidays, so we’ve even created an ‘inspiration sheet’ on the website here.  But because we found even more reasons people are celebrating, here’s a list curated by the ArtWeek team to light even more sparks!

Looking to create a culinary event, or even apply to our Art of Food special program? Consider the following:

      -National Homebrew Day – May 2nd

      -National Chocolate Custard Day – May 3rd

      -National Orange Juice Day – May 4th

      -National Hoagie Day – May 5th

      -National Moscato Day – May 9th

        -National Shrimp Day – May 10th

La Morra - Art of Food Dish

Of course, some National Holidays are already creatively focused, like these:

      -National Scrapbook Day – May 2nd

      -National Textiles Day – May 3rd

      -National Cartoonists Day – May 5th

Recently, we’ve seen many events focused on integrating health & wellness into ArtWeek. If you’re looking for a tie-in, look no further:

      -National Fitness Day – May 2nd

      -National Garden Meditation Day – May 3rd

      -National Archery Day – May 9th

Jones Library Star Wars Day May the 4th Be With You

Still not seeing the right fit? Take a look at some of these more outside-the-box ideas, you never know what might inspire you!

      -National Paranormal Day – May 3rd

      -National Star Wars Day – May 4th

      -National Astronaut Day – May 5th

      -National Lost Sock Memorial Day – May 9th

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