ArtWeek events should offer unique and unexpected experiences that are participatory, interactive, learning-based, or offer behind-the-scenes access to artists or the creative process We define the arts broadly to include culinary, design, architecture, spoken word, film, fashion, and other non-traditional artistic forms of expression in addition to dance, theatre, music and visual arts – so we encourage creativity! We also have seen many successful collaborations with unusual partners, and in unexpected locations like train stops, bike paths, sidewalks, ice rinks, nature trails, and parks – so don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

To be considered for ArtWeek, your event must:
• Take place during the ten days of ArtWeek
• Charge no more than $50 per person (many are free!)
• Include a special “ArtWeek twist” that is participatory, interactive, or offer behind-the-scenes access to a creative experience